Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Installation

PHACS has the expertise to install any air conditioning units to ensure your cooling needs are met in your residential or commercial building. From heat pumps, air handling units, and split systems, PHACS has got you covered. 


Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance

PHACS are experienced with all the major brand names and can offer to service your air conditioning units.

Without consistent maintenance, air conditioning units are vulnerable to deterioration and are at a higher risk of breaking down. As well as having unwanted costs, the absence of air conditioning can cause discomfort for individuals in hot, poorly ventilated rooms or buildings. Emergency repairs are also an inconvenience. This is all avoidable, as long as you have your air conditioning unit maintained.


Well maintained air conditioning units also reduce energy bills when working at peak efficiency. 


Air Conditioning Repair

Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning Services have a team of engineers who can efficiently identify the problem and provide cost-effective resolutions.

PHACS also offers air conditioning repair for a wealth of problems, including water leaks, gas leaks, not cooling, ice appearing, unpleasant smells, restricted air-flow, and more! 





Why choose Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning Services Ltd?

  1. Great Rates & Quotes

    Here at Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning Services Ltd we strive to give all of our customers the best quotes we can, and constantly research our competitors so that we can keep doing so, time and time again. Are you looking for a plumbing and heating quote? Look no further!

  2. A Name You Can Rely On

    Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning Services Ltd are a company you can always rely on. We work constantly on improving our service so that our customers know they can trust us to carry out our work with little disruption to their daily lives.

  3. A Time Served Team

    All of our team are highly skilled in the plumbing and heating trade and have built up a wealth of experience over the last several years. No job is too demanding for us as we have all been trained to deal with every situation that the plumbing and heating trade can throw at us!


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